We are a team of elite valet professionals

At A-Star Valet, we do more than just park vehicles.  We participate in every hands-on detail of each job; from designing custom-made uniforms and resolving parking and congestion issues to fixing flat tires and gathering feedback from customers for banquet halls.

Private Events

From birthdays to weddings and everything in between, nothing says luxury like offering full valet parking services at your private event. Whether it’s at a banquet hall or at your private residence, we provide services for events and venues of all sizes.  Give your guests the A-STAR experience, where they can pull up to the door, have their door opened by a professional valet, and enjoy your party with peace of mind knowing they don’t have to worry about their vehicle.

Restaurants & Bars

From fine dining to casual restaurants, our focus is to receive customers in a professional manner. We aim to have your customers worry less about where to park and focus more on what they wish to eat. Especially on those rush hours and long nights.


When hotel patrons arrive at their respective hotel, the first thing on their mind is to get settled in their room. Our goal is to help their experience go as smoothly as possible and have them worry less about unloading their luggage and hauling it across a packed parking lot or structure.

Banquet Halls

Banquet halls call for special events and parties. An attendee prefers to arrive on time and be able to walk in without a worry on their mind about parking or any weather conditions affecting their experience. For as long as an event goes, we specialize in watching over the attendees vehicles and providing them with excellent service.


Casinos are always packed and parking can become a hassle. By providing valet parking to such clients, their experience arriving at the casino can greatly affect their mood. Giving these clients the red carpet treatment when they arrive should be a part of a casino.

Give your guests the A Star experience.

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