What is valet parking?

Valet parking is a service designed to eliminate the need for guests or patrons to park their own vehicles. Here’s how it works: The valet attendant greets the customer at the designated valet area, opens the car door, assists the customer with exiting the vehicle (if needed), and then parks the vehicle for the customer in a designated space. When the customer is ready to leave, the valet retrieves the vehicle from the valet parking area, meets the customer at the designated valet area, and safely returns the customer’s vehicle and keys.


What if something happens to my car?

While this situation is rare, if damage to the vehicle occurs due to an error made by the valet, we will pay to restore the car to its condition upon receipt of the vehicle.  If the problem was caused by mechanical malfunction (i.e. brakes stop functioning, alternator stops working, door dings caused by other customers, etc.) we will not assume responsibility to fix these issues, as they were not caused by our valet parking the vehicle.   In the event that this should occur, it is your duty to inform the lead valet on duty of such damages.  They will in turn, inform you of the steps to take to have your vehicle repaired.

Are your attendants trustworthy, especially with a car belonging to a guest?

Definitely, 100% yes. Before any employee works for A-Star Valet, they undergo a complete drug-screening process, state license DMV check and criminal background check in addition to extensive training before being entrusted to work for us.  A-Star Valet also does a good job of hiring on a referral basis only as well to further ensure a responsible, loyal, and trustworthy team.

How many valets will I need on my event?

The first step to determine how many valets you will need on your event is to understand how many cars they will be parking. As a general rule we anticipate the cars to be parked to be approximately 40% of your anticipated guest count. Other factors that influence number of cars to be parked include:

  • How much alternative self parking is available?
  • What kind of weather will the guests be arriving in?
  • Is your group anticipating valet parking(i.e. is valet parking listed on the invitation?)
  • How visible are the valets upon arrival?
  • How much event and parking signage will be displayed?
Why type of uniforms do your staff wear?

We are quite glad you asked! We offer a variety of different style uniforms for your event. We offer everything from polo style short sleeved shirts to tuxedo top and vest formal attire. Our standard uniform is black pants, black shoes, black socks, black belt, white tuxedo shirt, and bowtie. We can customize their appearance to match the setting of your event.

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